What is Desertcart?

DesertCart is an online shopping service that brings you the best of online retail from around the world. We provide you the ability to purchase products from stores anywhere in the world and have it delivered directly to you in the UAE. We currently focus on shipping and delivering products from the U.S.

We want to provide a hassle-free and give you the best experience possible at an affordable price.

Can I pay with cash on delivery?

We currently do not support cash on delivery for various reasons. You can read more on our payments page

However, we support payments with cash through any of our partner banks.

Customers can pay with cash either by (a) depositing cash in a bank's cash deposit machine or (b) doing a bank transfer to any of our UAE bank accounts.

These options are available on the payment part of the checkout page. Once the deposit or transfer is made, just add the reference number and the transaction amount for faster verification. We will process the order once your transaction has been verified which may take up-to 24 working hours. You can optionally upload a screenshot, or picture of your deposit slip.

Please note that cash or bank transfers can only be refunded as store credit if an item cannot be shipped or if you request for cancellation.

Currently, bank transfers and cash deposit options are only available in the UAE.

What products can I purchase?

You can purchase almost all of the items that are listed on our website. Just search for something you are looking for! While we try our best to filter prohibited items, it does not always work. Occasionaly, we may not be able to deliver an item listed on Desertcart due to international shipping regulations, customs regulations, or other reasons.
Our trained staff review each order and will let you know if there any issues before you are charged.

How fast will I get my items?

Delivery times can vary based on the seller and various other reasons(public holidays, country of origin etc.). We try to provide our best estimate of an item's estimated delivery date when you add an item to your cart.

Can I track my order?

You can see the exact location of each item in your order from your order details page. Click the "Order Details" button on your orders page for more information.

How much does delivery cost?

We have a flat AED 25 delivery charge for all orders below AED 250. If your order is AED 250 or above, your order is delivered for free! You can see the final cost of your order after adding an item to your cart.If the item you have ordered is an oversized item, an extra shipping charge may apply. If your item exceeds a courier’s standard dimension or weight, they may charge an additional fee. We will communicate this with you before we charge your order.

Can I self-collect the items?

To keep our operation running as efficiently as possible, we send all your items directly to the courier. You will get an SMS as well as an email with the courier's name, phone number and tracking number. Packages are usually delivered within 24 hours after they are dispatched to the courier. You can collect it from the couriers offices in most UAE cities or arrange for self collection if you are in an area the courier does not service.