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BetterYou Magnesium Oil Original Spray. (100ml)

Product Description

Zechstien magnesium chloride solution. 31% concentration Allergens May sting or itch when first applied. Start with only 1-2 sprays and apply to warm, wet skin. Build up dosage gradually.

Formulated primarily for topical use, essential magnesium is absorbed directly into the skin tissue, entering the cells
immediately. Magnesium Oil efficiently replaces magnesium lost through modern diet and pressured lifestyles. Magnesium
Oil delivers this essential mineral in its most absorbable form. Magnesium Oils salt structure provides the most
absorbable source of elemental magnesium, mined from natural European sea deposits one mile underground and 250million
years old. This Zechstein Sea mineral source has been naturally filtered and condensed and is uncontaminated by man-made
pollution. Sore muscles and joints Magnesium is a natural and effective muscle relaxant, helping to reduce tension,
tightness and pain related to muscle and joint strain. Insomnia & Irregular Sleep Patterns The pure salt form is quickly
absorbed relaxing and calming muscles and nerves and helping to regulate melatonin, the hormone essential for normal
sleep cycles. Calcium build-up and bone problems Magnesium is essential to help the body better absorb calcium. Without
magnesium calcium is simply not as soluble within the blood and can settle is soft tissue around joints, within muscles
and collect around old fractures and stress points, building into calcium spurs. Oral hygiene and gum disease A natural
deodoriser magnesium oil can be used as an effective oral rinse to enhance oral hygiene and also help strengthen teeth
and reduce gum disease.